Tatamagouche Grain Elevator  
A unique collection of Shops, Artists, & Events.

Today this artisans and boutique market is filled with unique shops with a colorful past...


​-Holly's Jazz'N Jewlz​
 Jewelry and Accessories​

​-Kaleidoscope  Fashions/Gifts
 Ladies fashion,handbags​  and giftware

-Kissed By The Sea
 Custom seaglass​ jewelry

​-East Coast Lobster Rope Mats  and Baskets
 Custom made rope mats ​

​-Aubrey's North Shore Lobster  Rolls
 Delicious lobster  rolls,  cheesecake and  refreshments

​-Cappuccino and Baked  Goods
  Specialty coffees,baked  goods and pictures​

​-Deb's Cozy Kitchen​​​
  Serving breakfast,  homemade chocolate and  baked goods​

A range of artisans set up and sell their goods & services at our Saturday market so be sure to check back regularly for great wares and good times in a fun & historic atmosphere :)

​44 Creamery Rd, Tatamagouche N.S. | 902.657.1040